Premises Liability

Texas Premises Liability Attorney

Homeowners, business owners, and property managers owe a duty to keep their premises safe for all guests who legally enter the property. If you’ve suffered a personal injury on someone else’s property you may have a premises liability claim and Flo has the legal know-how to help you collect the compensation you deserve.

Common Types of Premises Liability Injuries

Slip and Falls: Slip and falls are the most common type of premises liability injury. Slips, trips and falls can result in minor injuries such as bruising or sprains, or more serious injuries like a broken hip or blown out knee. Slips and falls usually happen due to negligent acts by the owner or manager, such as failing to clean up after a spill, or failing to repair a broken hand-rail.

Escalator Incidents: Escalator accidents are generally caused by an article of clothing worn by the rider becoming caught in or on a part of the machinery inside of the escalator. Injuries resulting from escalator accidents range anywhere from bruises to traumatic brain injuries. Unfortunately, most victims of escalator accidents are children due to their size and curious nature.

Inadequate Truck Maintenance: Trucks are driven thousands of miles in a very short period of time. This amount of wear and tear on a vehicle results in a need for frequent maintenance, such as changing tires and brake pads. Postponing or ignoring these maintenance issues may result in a serious accident.

Negligent or Insufficient Security: The owner of a business, apartment complex, or hotel owes a duty to its visitors and guests to provide a safe environment. Should you become a victim of physical assault, sexual assault, or other criminal activity and the owner of the premises failed to provide security, they may be held liable for the injuries you suffered. Even if security was provided, if that security was inadequate or provided negligently, you may be able to recover compensation.

Elements Needed for a Successful Claim

In order to recover for an injury you’ve sustained on another’s property, you must show the following elements:

That you were on the property legally (exceptions sometimes made for minors);
The owner or manager of the property knew or should have known of the danger and failed to take action to repair the hazardous condition.

If you have questions as to whether or not the injury you suffered meets the requirements for a successful claim, contact Flo. He is available 24/7 and can answer any questions you have about your claim.

Recoverable Damages

If you’ve suffered a personal injury and file a successful premises liability claim, you may be able to recover the following:

  • Reimbursement for medical bills (past and future)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income (actual and loss of earning potential);
  • Punitive damages if the negligence was particularly outrageous or wilful

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